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V, Suga, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, J-Hope. Oh, my! Cute Korean boys! Probably, they all look the same for you but you'll pass this stage soon. Over some time you'll surprise that there was a time when BTS seemed to you the same. Share the quiz with friends and check how well they know this band BTS Quiz: How well do you know BTS? Let's check this quiz and find out how much of an A.R.M.Y are you. You may also like: Quiz: Who's your BTS boyfriend? What's your result? Feel free to comment below It's a collection of trivia and personality quizzes about BTS — in one place for your convenience. 1. Everyone Is a Combination of Two BTS Members — Which Are You Jin or Kim Seok Jin is a vocalist and the face of BTS. He's serious and responsible, likes cooking and have a nice meal. The perfect date: A girl who can become a good wife, cooks well, attractive. Do you like your match? Make sure to share the quiz with other members of ARMY. J-Hope. J-Hope or Jung Ho-suk is a rapper and the leading dancer.

KVÍZ ODSTARTUJ TADY. Skupina BTS patří v tuto chvíli k nejpopulárnějším kapelám žánru k-pop, který ale přesahuje i do jiných žánrů.Fanoušci jejich hudbu milují. Jsi na tom stejně? Tak to určitě zkus náš nový kvíz, který ti nesmí ujít BTS is one of the most popular Kpop boy groups not only in Korea but around the world. These boys have millions of fans worldwide. And if you are here for your BTS bias quiz, it means that the Kpop craze has finally reached you as well.. But what to do when you cannot decide who your perfect BTS boyfriend would be?Maybe you are entirely new to the group and don't really know the boys Amusement park. But nearby park is also good. My ideal is cute dating. Cook something and enjoy a romantic dinner together. Sitting on the bench, drinking together a countryside date. I love the sea, I would like to walk down to the beach and hold hands. I want to watch a movie together. Correct Test z BTS-Jsi opravdová ARMY? ID53653 Jací členi z BTS tancovali a zpívali cute version FIRE, Boy In Luv, DOP

Quiz e Testes de Personalidade sobre BTS. No Quizur você encontra os melhores e mais divertidos testes e quizzes de BTS da internet Big Hit Entertainment / Getty. Take the quiz here! 22. Your Taste In Urban Outfitters Will Reveal Who Your BTS Soulmate Is. Big Hit Entertainment. Take the quiz here! 23. Plan A Road Trip And We.

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  1. BTS Quiz. Welcome to a new BTS quiz! This test will uncover your one and true bias in the group! Whether you've already made your choice or still wonder what idol is the best of the best, we'll uncover what your heart tells you. When all of the members are so talented, the music will be your guide
  2. Quiz 7 members of BTS, 7 questions but who's your favourite? 1/7. BTS | Youtube. Pick a song by BTS: Dynamite Boy with Luv Idol Fake Love MIC Drop Anpanman ibighit 2/7. @bts.jungkook | instagram. What's your favourite thing about BTS? The music The dancing The music videos.
  3. BTS Soulmate Quiz. BTS Soulmate Quiz. What is your favorite color? I like all colors. Pink like a princess . Blue/Purple. Red/Orange. Black/White. Yellow/Green. My hobby... Reading/Writing. Singing/Rapping. Dancing the night away... Drawing/Painting. Playing video games. Sleeping. Sports. Listening to music. Watching tv, videos. Other
  4. Quiz Flashcard. When music talent fuses with creativity, the result is always a wonderful one! Meet the BTS Army! This is a group of young men who sing amazingly well. This group has added some albums to their debut to merit top positions in the Asian music industry. Interestingly, this group also engage in philanthropy
  5. Love & Friendship Music Bts Quiz Roleplay Romance Arranged Marriage Fluff Billionaire Love Hate Army Bangtan Kpop Bts X Reader Bias Rp Bts Au. (PART 5 of the series) For the sake of your inheritance, you chased after your BTS Bias in a club to convince him to marry you
  6. Y tú, ¿te atreves a demostrar cuánto sabes de BTS? En Playz hemos preparado un Quiz sobre la banda surcoreana para que demuestres tus conocimientos sobre este fenómeno arrasador que traspasa.

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  1. Below is a BTS compatibility quiz that will help you to find who your BTS soulmate is. Wish, your favorite boy is your BTS soulmate, or maybe destiny has some other plans for you. Questions and Answers. 1. What is your idea of an ideal date? A. Park, Holding hands. B
  2. Make quizzes, send them viral. Generate leads, increase sales and drive traffic to your blog or website. TRENDING NOW. Personality Quiz. which bts will marry u as his wife. Quiz introduction. this is for who love bts . Enter Your Name; Enter Quiz Password; Start Quiz » By.
  3. BTS quiz Chart rankings shall be made based on a weighted format, which includes official streams of audio and video-music services both on subscription and ad-supported levels, and sales of uploads, which reflect purchases from digital full-service distributors around the globe with direct-to-consumer (D2C) sites excluded from the calculations.
  4. Das ultimative BTS Quiz. 43 Fragen - Erstellt von: Suple - Aktualisiert am: 17.02.2020 - Entwickelt am: 14.07.2019 - 83.207 mal aufgerufen - User-Bewertung: 4,7 von 5 - 26 Stimmen - 94 Personen gefällt es. Die erfolgreichste K-Popband der Welt und dazu besteht sie noch aus so lustigen Jungs, die auch noch gut aussehen
  5. About This Quiz. If you're a BTS fan, then this is the perfect quiz for you! We were introduced to BTS and now, global fans can't get enough of their music! Although BTS works cohesively as a group, along with Big Hit Entertainment, each BTS member is unique and distinctive

BTS Quiz: True or False? How well do you know these K-pop stars? Find out by taking this tricky quiz! How many will you answer correctly? 1/10. bts.bighitofficial. RM learned to speak English by watching the show Friends True False 2/10. bts.ibighit.com. Jungkook is the oldest member of BTS True. BTS has paved the way into the western world and is the only K-Pop band to be invited to perform at the AMAs as well as the Billboard awards, proving that BTS is the most popular K-Pop band today. This quiz will determine which one of the seven members of BTS you're most like! Answer a few simple questions about yourself, your likes, and your. Which Member of BTS Are You Most Like? BTS' global fame may seem instantaneous and dramatic, but they have worked for years to reach people through their music and show the world what they have to offer. Made up of seven members — Jungkook, V, Jimin, RM, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin — the group debuted in 2013 and has released six studio albums Wer bist du von Bts? 11 Fragen - Erstellt von: Lara Emilia Matzick - Entwickelt am: 18.01.2020 - 9.892 mal aufgerufen - 19 Personen gefällt es. Love Bts

QUIZ: Which BTS Member Is Your Best Friend? One of the best things about BTS is the heartwarming close friendships between members. We love seeing these fun-loving boys laugh together during. Il quiz sui bts è composto da 9 domande diverse, alla quale avrai risposte Vero o Falso. Insomma sei sicuro di conoscerli bene? L'unico modo per scoprirlo è completare il quiz al 100%! Se invece vuoi fare un'altro quiz, abbiamo creato il quiz kpop,e ci sono domande su tutti i gruppi che esistono Quiz BTS: ecco il quiz completamente in italiano sul gruppo K-pop del momento. Quanto consoci i BTS? Fai il Test! Questo quiz è dedicato agli amanti dei BTS.Li conoscete?Probabilmente se non siete teenager o se non avete figli o nipoti in quella fascia d'età, il nome BTS (acronimo di boyscout a prova di proiettile) e il genere k-pop vi diranno poco, se non addirittura nulla

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Find Out Who Your Boyfriend Is From Bangtan Boys/BTS With A Cute Story At The End! ♥ Published July 17, 2013 · Updated July 28, 2013 July 28, 2013 · 684,995 taker Which BTS member is your daddy~? (Sexual) - Personality Quiz. Personality Quiz. Which BTS member is your daddy~? (Sexual) Quiz introduction. Hi~ ^~^ I'm Mac aka Oppa's Princess~~ I've been an ARMY since debut so I know that none of these boys are innocent~! take the test so see which one id your daddy ;) Female version - male version will.

Quizz BTS : Seul Un Vrai Army Aura 15/15 À Ce Test. Publié le. 22 septembre 2020. Ce quiz BTS va te permettre de savoir si tu connais bien les membres du plus grand groupe de K-pop au monde. De V à Jungkook, de RM à Jimin, chaque membre est intéressant à connaître. Quelle est l'étendue de tes connaissances lorsqu'il s'agit de BTS 15 questions - 213 128 joueurs. Grâce à ce test découvre quel membre des BTS est fait pour toi. 1 JE COMMENCE LE QUIZ ! Enfin un quiz pour les fans de BTS ! Alors avant de vous présenter le quiz, on tient à vous dire que chez LatoQuiz on ne connaît pas très bien BTS, on n'écoute pas souvent leurs musiques. Alors on s'excuse d'avance si ce quiz BTS contient des fautes. Et..

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This quiz will show you which BTS member would fall in love with you! Being an ARMY myself, I know what it's like to be in love with the members! If you want to know who would fall in love with you, then this is the quiz for you! I've been an ARMY for years and years now so I want you to know that you're not the only one wondering which BTS. QUIZ: Which BTS Member Is Your Best Friend? One of the best things about BTS is the heartwarming close friendships between members. We love seeing these fun-loving boys laugh together during. About This Quiz. BTS or Bangtan Boys have been in the music industry since 2013. The group of seven boys from Seoul, South Korea have been tearing up the charts around the world and have millions of fans. Which member would be your soulmate Kvíz: UKAŽTE, JAK DOBŘE ZNÁTE CELOSVĚTOVÝ FENOMÉN SKUPINU BTS! Stačí jen tři písmenka. BTS. Chcete porovnat své znalosti s ostatními a zařadit se do kvízových žebříčků? Do žebříčků zařažujeme pouze přihlášené uživatele, kteří vyjádří svůj souhlas. Zveřejněno bude Vaše jméno, pořadí a body QUIZZES. QUIZ: Which BTS Member Will You Have a Special Moment With? JeonAe Apr 19, 2019 54,118 Views BTS. 1,400 Fans. BECOME A FAN. Became a fan of BTS. You can now view more their stories. Would you like to unfan? Yes No. These Are The Top 15 Best Male Hip-Hop Dancers In K-Pop [UPDATE] Idols Born In 1992 & Mandatory Military Service: Who Has.

Should you tell us that you play the guitar and you love animated shows, it's even clearer that this is your BTS member. Perhaps you're the cute one who always seems to get your way because people melt from those puppy eyes of yours. If you're also highly competitive and you have a bit of a hot temper, Jimin seems like the one for you Q1. What is your favorite colour?, Q2. What do you use to clean your nose?, Q3. Which BTS member is your ideal type?. Quiz Questions: Q1. What is your favorite colour?, Q2. What do you use to clean you

It was a work in progress from the early days of BTS. What was the purpose of the song Dynamite? to help the world heal in the throes of COVID-19. Although it certainly grew BTS's fan base and caused good damage to the charts, the point of the song was to heal and comfort fans during a trying pandemic About This Quiz. If you're a fan of BTS, this quiz is for you! Each of the boys has distinct qualities, and almost every fan has a bias. But would you date your bias? Would wild and funny J-Hope be your BTS boyfriend, or would romantic and caring RM make a better fit for you? Take this BTS quiz to find out which member you should date BTS Quiz 2021 - How well do you know Bangtan Boys?. BTS is one of the most popular K-pop groups, consist of 7 members: Jimin, RM, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, V and J-Hope.They are under Big Hit Entertainment.Their fandom called A.R.M.Y.The group's latest comeback was in april with their adorable Music Video Boy With Luv feat.Halsey, that's surpassed 530 Million views on Youtube Take the QUIZ to find out. 50. BTS members have their own individual charming and quirky personality traits that leave BTS ARMY cooing over the seven beautiful boys: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin.

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Take our quiz right here and tell us which BTS member you are! Hear us on SBS PopAsia Digital Radio Listen in 24/7 on Digital Radio , by downloading our free mobile app or by streaming live here. Wtf is this quiz Army is not one who should know RM's birth time or like anything in this quiz. Army is one who love songs of BTS and their personality. 8. 0. Reply. Translate. Guest. nono Jun 18, 2021 12:13 am Reply to Anukriti Tanwar that´s right. 0. 0. Reply. Translate. Guest. ihatethisquiz May 5, 2021 01:23 am. BTS is a famous K-pop boy group consist of 7 members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook. Their fandom called A.R.M.Y. They are under Big Hit Entertainment. This BTS quiz game is for all ARMYs and kpop lovers to test your acknowledge about Bangtan Boys members and how well do you know them from their eyes Music / Quizzes. October 17, 2020. by: Bianca Myrtil. How well do you know BTS songs? Finish the lyrics with this quiz. The Bantang Boys have been blowing up the music scene for years now. They're wildly popular in their own country, they've made songs specifically for their Japanese fanbase, and now they've even released a song in full. About Our BTS Boyfriend Quiz. The global K-pop sensation, Bangtan Sonyeondan, is composed of seven members: RM (Namjoon/Rap Monster/Real Me), Jin (Seokjin), Suga (Yoongi, Agust D), J-Hope (Hoseok), Jimin, V (Taehyung), and Jungkook. Multi-talented and award-winning, BTS is also beloved for the wacky, thoughtful and affectionate brotherhood.

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Here is the quiz to test your knowldege of how huge BTS Fan you are. BTS are boys band from Korea who are famous right now. BTS is like the one direction of the Korean Pop. The Korean boy band was formed in Seoul in 2013. The south-korean boy band weighs balance of dance-pop and hip-hop with contemplating lyrics Random Quiz. Hint. Answer. Who is the maknae of BTS? Who is the oldest in BTS? Therefore, who is the leader? Which member admitted to being lethargic? Which member is self conscious about his cheeks? On their 1st anniversary radio, which member was known as the 'red card?' Most Played Published Quizzes. Members of BTS by Picture. Only a true Kpop fan will be able to get all their names right. 261,615 PLAYS. 2 K-pop Songs, 1 Missing Word. Some of these groups have so many members that it's hard to tell if anyone's missing. 166,207 PLAYS. Quick Pick: BTS Songs Take the quiz to find out who'll be a part of your trip! March 26, 2021. March 26, 2021. March 26, 2021 March 26, 2021. Hyung line or Maknae line: Which line will help you win in Run BTS? Take. About Our Ultimate BTS Trivia Quiz. Bangtan Sonyeondan, or BTS, is K-pop's greatest sensation, and an absolute delight for their fans all over the world. The band is made out of seven members, who are trained as vocalists, dancers and rappers. Their lineup is made up of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungsook

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  1. , RM, and J-Hope swept the music industry off its feet with their fearless music and charismatic quirkiness. Topping the charts with tracks like Boy With Luv, On, and Stay Gold, BTS has steadily become a powerhouse group of barrier-breaking hitmakers
  2. QUIZ: Which BTS Member Is The Most Attracted To You? Quizzes. Nov 17, 2016. by E. Huston. BTS is known for their personalities that win over their fans! Each of the members being unique from the.
  3. When even South Korea has a killer boyband, you know boybands are taking over the world! Are you a big BTS fan? Bigger than I am? I seriously doubt that! Take my quiz to find out. This is pretty darn long - 50 questions in all. But if you're a true ARMY, you'll do anything to prove it. Right? So sit your BTS-loving self down and get ready to click your way to ARMY intelligence superiority
  4. Este divertido Test te ayudará a saber que chico de BTS podría encajar como tu posible chico ideal, dependiendo de las cualidades y características de personalidad que tengan compatibles. Realiza el Test y descubre cuál es tu chico ideal. Si además quieres saber tu alma gemela de K-pop... no puedes perderte este test de Kpop
  5. If you're a fan of BTS, formed in 2013 by Big Hit Entertainment, then we've got the perfect BTS quiz for you. If you're an avid follower of the Korean Pop group sensation, BTS , then you've definitely got a favorite member and also probably a member who you feel you relate to most and matches your personality

Bts And Blackpink Quiz . samayui 07/29/17 . 8. 0. Bts And Blackpink Quiz . Start Quiz . Share to. Copied; Likes (8) Comments (0) Copied; Likes (8) Like 8. Comment . Into K-Pop? Join the community. Get Amino. 11. 1. Featured post idols × youtubers collab. 352. 105. Featured post 30 Day Summer Challenge. 104. 4. Featured pos BTS quiz. Since Korean boy band, BTS is ready to release their second 'Butter' single on 21st May, Amul's latest news story has brought social media ahead. Furthermore, it is not surprising that the Indian brand Amul. A daily-branded cartoon features a buttered toast that the Amul girl serves for seven band members. Including RM, Suga.

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Good day guys!I decided to make another ARMY Quiz after seeing lots of you enjoying this game :) I've been reading your suggestions but only a few of you com.. Find out who is the perfect match for you in the famous kpop group Bangtan Boys/Bts. Have Fun and Hope you like who you get.Sorry if you don't get your bias but honestly they all are really hot right?! :D. animelover264 published on August 10, 2016 739 responses 51. « Previous Next » bts Quizzes. Pick 10 New Hits for Your 2021 Playlist and We'll Reveal How This Year Will Be For You Tal Garner. Which BTS Song Is Your Personal Anthem? Abigail Morris. Chic or Weak: Rank BTS's best looks Noam Gurevich Quiz de BTS. Aqui você encontra os melhores e mais divertidos testes e quiz de BTS da internet

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TEST: ¿Con qué integrante de BTS te deberías casar? Como siempre te recuerdo que estos test son por Diversion, espero que lo disfrutes mucho y respondas con la verdad, pues asi la respuesta sera lo más fiel posible , ¡Diviertete mucho! Te recuerdo que si te gusto, lo puedes compartir, ademas comenta que tipo de test te gustaría. bts. Gracias a nuestro fabuloso test de bts, podrás saber que idol se enamora de ti ya que nuestro sistema analiza tus respuestas, gustos y personalidad y determina de manera muy exacta que miembro de bts se enamorara de ti. Paa hacerlo sigue las instrucciones, simplemente contesta las respuestas que se te hacen y al final obtendrás el. TEST: ¿Qué tan adicta eres a BTS? Los chicos de BTS tienen la habilidad de subirle el ánimo a sus seguidoras a través de su música y los programas en donde participan, por esa razón, este grupo tiende a volverse parte importante de todas las ARMYs, quienes no quieren perderse ninguno de los momentos de estos chicos Find out what BTS member is your soulmate in this brand new quiz! How to Play:It's really easy. Just choose what picture you like the most for each question... ¿Cuánto sabes sobre BTS, el grupo de K-pop del momento

test bts Te puede interesar: Test quien eres de BTS La verdad es que Jin tiene unos ojos muy hermosos y tiernos y la verdad es que nadie podria resistirse a el, pero que decir de V, con esa carita tan dulce y sonrisa muy juguetona que a cualquiera enamora y ni que decir de J-Hop, que con solo de tenerlo de frente es imposible resistirse a sus. Acierta.me.Crea tus propios tests sobre todo tipo de temas y compártelos en las redes sociales. Encontrarás test de Soy Luna, test de que emoji eres, test de que personaje de Yandere Simulator eres, tests de que personaje de fnafhs eres, testes de que joven titan eres, tests de que personaje de gravity falls eres, test de como me ven los hombres, test de maluma y muchos más.. TEST: ¿Qué tan bien puedes diferenciar a los miembros de BTS? A muchas nos pasó que cuando conocimos por primera vez a los miembros de BTS, todos los chicos nos resultaron muy parecidos. Luego, nos volvimos más detallistas y aprendimos a diferenciarlos tanto, que al final nos percatamos que realmente ninguno se parece Play this game to review Fun. Who is the leader of BTS? Preview this quiz on Quizizz. Who is the leader of BTS? bts DRAFT. 8th grade. 7 times. Fun. 51% average accuracy. 6 months ago. redmonky03. 1. Save. Edit. Edit. bts DRAFT. 6 months ago. by redmonky03. Played 7 times. 1. 8th grade . Fun Beyond the Scene: BTS Member Test to Find Out Your BTS Boyfriend BTS, which is also called Bangtan Sonyeondan, Beyond the Scene or Bangtan Boys, is a musical band known for its massive fan base. Though the group initially belongs to South Korea, it has a massive global outreach and worldwide popularity

BTS Songs Quiz (2021) Comment below if I missed something or if I need to make a change :) Remixes, Japanese versions, covers, and any other unofficial/unreleased songs are not included You are BTS's sweetheart, Jimin! Being loving, and understanding, you're a great friend to have! Plus, just like Chim Chim, you work extremely hard. Like, EXTREMELY hard. You have a fun, energetic, charismatic, and caring personality, so people around you can't help but love you! (Don't worry, you got jams too!) V What member of BTS, the k-pop band, are you? J-Hope, Rap Monster, Jungkook, V, Jimin, Suga, or Jin? Everyday is a new day to test your limits and your fears in a fun way. You can go bungee jumping, sky diving, paragliding, snorkleing, water skiing, or anything that you wouldn't or would expect yourself to do..

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Take the quiz and find out! By. SBS PopAsia HQ. 1 Apr 2020 - 4:27 PM UPDATED 30 Apr 2020 - 1:04 PM. Tweet. All of BTS ' members have impeccable fashion sense and we'd love to steal all their. Everyone love BTS. Lets see who your boyfriend will be ;) and if it didn't match up with your bias it okay! But I really hope you enjoyed it! I hope your happy with this quiz. Next time I'll make better ones! Are you a super fan of BTS? Can you answer detailed questions? Find out and see who your BTS boyfriend will be! Let's do this. Created by. BTS is making a comeback with the single Life Goes On and a self-produced album named BE out on November, 20th. More by Anthony November 20, 2020, 11:14 a

Which Member Of BTS Are You? Written by Emma Courtright. play-again. Play Again Played 4562 times · 33 Questions. Are You A True ARMY?! Start Quiz. XxNina KookieXx. 03/30/20. Guess who sings (On BTS) Played 1913 times · 8 Questions. Guess who sings (On BTS) Start Quiz BTS 35736 ladymacaron Pop, Rock 599 1 4 3 3 janvier 2017; Est-tu un vrai fan de BTS 34290 Carla_Tahyung Pop, Rock 3293 6 7 4 28 septembre 2016; Connaissez vous les BTS ? 34864 TheaB Pop, Rock 1589 8 3 4.3333 13 novembre 2016; Si tu connais la kpop fais le test ! ;) 11543 Passion_Kpop Pop, Rock 16326 7 10 4.3 15 août 2013; La Kpop 35718. Berita Quiz Bts Terbaru Hari Ini: [QUIZ] Aktivitas di Pantai Ini Menentukan Member BTS yang Cocok denganmu

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If yes, take this K-pop quiz, that has questions to determine your personality. Choose the most relatable answer among the four options to each question, and to make it easier, take a note of the options you choose. In the end, you can see the answer key for this BTS quiz to know the BTS song for your personality. Q 1) Choose one colour. Yellow. 69 different BTS Quizzes on JetPunk.com. Check out our popular trivia games like Guess BTS or Seventeen Members, and BTS kpop quiz (hard BTS Pop Quiz. Sort by: Recently Created | Most Popular | Difficulty. Showing bts quiz questions (1-100 of 408) « Previous | Next » V real name? 802 fans have answered this. 11:04. [ENG SUB] You Quiz on the Block ep.99 BTS (4/10) ARMY UNNIE SUBS. 10:09. [ENG SUB] You Quiz on the Block ep.99 BTS (5/10) ARMY UNNIE SUBS. 1:00. Break The Silence The Movie 09/24/2020. Cinemania.TV + into the Future

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Take our quiz to find out. Although BTS have visited Australia just a couple of times in their seven-year history, four of the band's singles have achieved ARIA Gold certification. This is pretty crazy considering 'MIC Drop' is the only one of the four to feature any substantial English vocals. English lines are scattered throughout. 16 1. ¿Cuánto cuesta leerlo? 40 Segundos. ¿Besarán bien los chicos de BTS? ¿Quieres saber qué miembro de BTS te besaría si se diera la ocasión con este test? La verdad es que es casi imposible saberlo (si no eres uno de ellos, claro) así que a sus ARMY lo único que les queda es imaginar

Les différentes facettes de Jimin (BTS)QUIZ: Which super-cute BTS emoji character are you? | SBSBTS For WSJInteresting Fan Theories About BTS V’s ‘ON’ Tattoos | KpopmapBTS - 'Dynamite' | The Late Late Show with James Corden

Minden vetélkedő bts quiz a TopQuizz-on. Connaît-tu vraiment Jimin des BTS COSMO QUIZ: Siapa Personil BTS yang Cocok Jadi Pacarmu? by: Giovani Untari 12/4/2019. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below . Advertisement - Continue Reading Below . tags: bts, cosmo quiz, personil bts cocok jadi pacarmu, jungkook, member bts, kuis bts Quel BTS est ton jumeau ? créé par TroboJimi le 29 Juil. 2019, validé par jane99. Tests de personnalité. 7 questions - 2 373 joueurs. Découvre ton jumeau BTS already own 2020. The K-pop all stars' fourth album Map of the Soul: 7 made a mockery of the competition when it topped global charts in late February.. 7 cruised to number one on the USA's Billboard 200 and Rolling Stone albums chart, while also becoming the fastest selling album of the new decade in the UK and BTS' second straight #1 in Australia Quiz BTS Petit Ami : Quel Membre De BTS Est Fait Pour Toi ? Si jamais on t'offrait un date d'une heure avec l'un des membres de BTS, lequel d'entre eux, selon toi, correspondrait à ta personnalité ? Il y a tout un casting de personnalités charmantes dans le groupe de K-pop coréen