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Em dash (—) or (—) What is an em dash? The long dash is the widest of the three horizontal marks that may be used in the middle of a sentence. It is wider than an en dash (-) or a hyphen (-). The term em dash comes from the field of typography—an em is a width equivalent to the height of a given font An em dash, or long dash, is used: in pairs, to mark off information or ideas that are not essential to an understanding of the rest of the sentence: Thousands of children—like the girl in this photograph—have been left homeless. My son—where has he gone?—would like to meet you Em dashes are often used to set off parenthetical information. Using em dashes instead of parentheses puts the focus on the information between the em dashes. For this usage, make sure you use two em dashes. Use one before the parenthetical information and one after it. Putting spaces before and after an em dash is a matter of preference; just be consistent

An em dash is also known as a long dash. It is a dash longer than an en dash (-) and three times as long as a hyphen (-). If you are looking for an easy way to type this em dash in Word, you've come to the right place To display the Em Dash from CSS, you can use a CSS shortcode or CSS entity. Use the shortcode section to copy the CSS entity code for the Em Dash. You can only add content :before or :after an element: Here is the example: The above example for CSS entiry for Em Dash symbol will display the result as below The em dash: marking a break in a sentence. Em dashes can be used in pairs to mark off additional information that is not essential to understand the sentence. Here they function similarly to parentheses or a pair of commas. Don't put a space on either side of an em dash Frank Kofsuske is the owner of the agency called Em Dash, which creates classic and innovative design solutions and brand experiences for national retail brands, including: Serena & Lily, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, and Hudson Grace The en dash, en rule, or nut dash - is traditionally half the width of an em dash. In modern fonts, the length of the en dash is not standardized, and the en dash is often more than half the width of the em dash. The widths of en and em dashes have also been specified as being equal to those of the upper-case letters N and M, respectively, and at other times to the widths of the lower-case letters

ダッシュ には エヌダッシュ (en dash) (以下、 enダッシュ と呼ぶことにします)と エムダッシュ ( em dash )(以下、 emダッシュ と呼ぶことにします)の2種類があります。. 短いのがenダッシュ、長いのがemダッシュです。. ハイフン (hyphen)はenダッシュよりさらに短いです。. enダッシュの用法については以下の記事をお読みください。. 【エヌダッシュ (en dash)の3つの用法. An em dash can mark an abrupt change or break in the structure of a sentence. Mabel the Cat was delighted with the assortment of pastries the new bakery featured, but Harry the Dog—he felt otherwise. An em dash can indicate interrupted speech or a speaker's confusion or hesitation The em dash is an incredibly versatile punctuation mark that can be used instead of parentheses, commas, colons, or quotation marks in a sentence. The em dash has a fan club of sorts, as writers love to debate its many uses (and possible overuses). Noting that people have proclaimed their love of this punctuation mark with em dash tattoos, the New York Times called it the bad boy, or cool girl, of punctuation

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The em dash has several uses. It allows, in a manner similar to parentheses, an additional thought to be added within a sentence by sort of breaking away from that sentence—as I've done here. Its use or misuse for this purpose is a matter of taste, and subject to the effect on the writer's or reader's ear En dash—hold down the Alt key and type 0150 on the numeric keypad Em dash—hold down the Alt key and type 0151 on the numeric keypad. On a Mac: En dash—press option+hyphen key Em dash—press option+shift+hyphen ke On a Mac, the keyboard shortcut Option + Dash (-) makes an en dash, and Option + Shift + Dash (-) makes an em dash. On Windows it's...less simple: you need to use an alt code to get an em dash. If you have a numeric keyboard, hold down the Alt key and type 0151 for an em dash or 0150 for an en dash

The em dash is a form of punctuation used in a sentence to create a strong break, change of thought, or emphasis. Click here for rules and examples for using the em dash in the English language The em dash in American English is a punctuation mark that helps to convey emphasis, introduction, interruption, or a swift change of thought. In doing so, the em dash acts similarly to commas, semicolons, colons, and parentheses. In formal writing, an em dash is the width of an m and longer than both a hyphen and an en dash The length of an em dash comes from width of a traditional typesetter's capital letter M—that's how the dash gets its name. Em dashes can replace parentheses, commas, colons, and even semi-colons. Although they're often compared to en dashes and hyphens, em dashes have more applications than almost any other special character

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/ ˈem ˌdæʃ / (UK also em rule, uk / ˈem ˌruːl / us / ˈem ˌruːl /) a long dash (= the symbol —), used especially when typing on a computer or in printing to separate parts of a sentence: Create an em dash by pressing opt+shift+hyphen. An en dash is approximately half the width of an em dash Em dash 的输入方法: Mac 系统下同时按住 shift 键 、option 键和 hyphen 键,如下图所示: Em dash 怎么打出来. MS Word 中,先输入数字 2014,然后再同时按住 alt 键和字母 x 键,如下图所示: Em dash 在WORD里怎么打出来. 对了,在手机里面也可以打出 Hyphen、En Dash 和 Em Dash 喔 The em dash is the longest of all the dashes and has very particular uses. Dr Lisa Lines explains how to use this punctuation mark correctly. The em dash is the longest of all the dashes and has.

Em dash: — En dash: - Copy it. (Press Ctrl+C, or Command+C on a Mac) In your Word document, place the text cursor where you'd like the dash to go, and paste it. (Press Ctrl+V, or Command+V on a Mac) Remove an Em or En dash. If your Word document has an Em dash or En dash and you want to remove it, do one of the following Em Dash or Em Rule is also sometimes referred to as Long Dash. It is a type of dash that is three times as long as a hyphen or minus sign (-). This dash is called em dash because it is one em wide So - an em-dash ([char] 0x2014) or an en-dash ([char] 0x2013) become a simple dash (0x02d). There are also predicate functions that return true it the character is a single quote, double quote or a dash. The code is (approximately): public const char enDash = (char)0x2013; public const char emDash = (char)0x2014 Em Dash Alt Code. To quickly form an em dash using your Mac, simultaneously hold the Shift, Option, and Minus keys. On your PC, hold down the Alt key while typing 0151. (*Note that only the numbers on the right hand keypad can be used to achieve this, not the numbers above the letters.) In Microsoft Word, you can also type two consecutive.

1. Create a user variable (Project -> actions) and name is em-dash or something like that. 2. Make sure there is an e-dash symbol on your clipboard (I copied it from Word) 3. Paste the em-dash in the field Value in the Actions dialog (you will see another symbol as the em-dash). 4 Em-dashes can also be used in place of an ellipsis (three dots) to create a more dramatic effect: He pulled out a gun and said, Go away or I'll — The dash is always preceded by a space in this case. Em-dashes are also used when quoting an author in the sense said/written by An em dash can be used to replace commas, parentheses, colons, and semicolons, or to show an interruption in a sentence. Remember, that em dashes in place of other punctuation should be used sparingly, but for interruptions it is the primary form of punctuation that is used Em Dash Mac. With a Mac, use the following shortcuts: Em dash (—): Shift-+ Alt/Option +-hyphen or Command + M. En dash (-): Alt/Option + hyphen. c. If the usual keystroke shortcuts don't work on your laptop, though, it can't hurt to try attaching an external full keyboard or numeric keypad An em-dash gives you another option when you are dealing with a phrase that describes or elaborates upon a noun. But again, use it only when it is clear that you want to add emphasis to a phrase. For instance, in the sentence below the em-dash highlights an unusual (and unfortunate) fact about this person's friend:.

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  1. Em Dash vs En Dash. To the untrained eye, an em dash could easily be mistaken for an en dash or even a hypen. This is because the only difference (visually) between those three characters is their width. The em dash is the widest. The en dash is slightly narrow than the em dash, and the hypen is slightly narrower again
  2. The em dash, aka possibly the most adaptable and intuitive punctuation mark there is, gets a lot of love—and the occasional bit of hate. Em dashes may be prone to overuse, but if you understand how beautiful the em dash can be, you won't want to overuse it. And of course, some of the best em dash examples exist in the world of literature
  3. em dash definition: 1. a long dash (= the symbol —), used especially when typing on a computer or in printing to. Learn more
  4. #UsageOfDash #En-dash #Em-dashThis video is part of a playlist having the following videos. Watch all of them in sequence for a better learning experience.En..
  5. The em dash has several uses. It allows, in a manner similar to parentheses, an additional thought to be added within a sentence by sort of breaking away from that sentence—as I've done here.. Its use or misuse for this purpose is a matter of taste, and subject to the effect on the writer's or reader's ear

An em-dash is a punctuation mark which is used alone to indicate a pause in speech or in pairs to take the place of commas. The name comes from the fact that, in tradtional typesetting, the dash is the same width as a capital M. Most writers (and style guides) use the em-dash without spaces on either side.He was travelling very quickly—the trees were a blur through the window—but the train. Em Dash & Co. Literary Services. After comparing notes with other authors who have worked with a variety of publishers and editors, I have concluded that Margot is a category of one in the publishing industry. . — Susan Biali, MD, author of Live a Life You Love. If you are the author of a finished manuscript, congratulations The Dash. The dash (—), also called the em dash, is the long horizontal bar, much longer than a hyphen.Few keyboards have a dash, but a word processor can usually produce one in one way or another. If your keyboard can't produce a dash, you will have to resort to a hyphen as a stand-in 種類 欧文組版. 短いenダッシュ「-」(Unicode U+2013、JIS X 0213 1-1-30) と長いemダッシュ「—」(Unicode U+2014、JIS X 0213 1-1-29) の2つがある。それぞれ、長さが欧文 フォントのn、mの幅に等しいことが、名前の由来である。. ハイフン「‐」、マイナス「−」、長音符(音引き)「ー」と字形は似ているが. Em Dash vs. En Dash vs. Hyphen Unlike an em dash, an en dash has a smaller number of appropriate uses. Although most informal publications don't use en dashes, you might see them in major newspapers, such as The New York Times , or in research periodicals

EM DASH: Block: General Punctuation: Category: Punctuation, Dash [Pd] Combine: 0: BIDI: Other Neutrals [ON] Mirror: N: Index entries: DASH, EM EM DASH: Comments: may be used in pairs to offset parenthetical text: See Also: two-em dash U+2E3A katakana-hiragana prolonged sound mark U+30FC: Version: Unicode 1.1.0 (June, 1993 Definition: The em dash (sometimes just called a dash) is used to set off information from the rest of the sentence, and mimics or copycats other more formal punctuation marks.It is often used in place of colons or semicolons. It is also common to use a pair of em dashes to replace parentheses or a pair of commas An em dash may be used to signify a sudden break or interruption in dialogue. Em dashes are also sometimes used as bullet points in a vertical list in informal writing. There are some other less well-known uses for the em dash; for example, the 2-em dash and the 3-em dash Define em dash. em dash synonyms, em dash pronunciation, em dash translation, English dictionary definition of em dash. There are two similar but distinct punctuation marks called dashes : the en dash and the em dash

On the use of em dashes. Is it better to omit the spaces between the words and the dash, or is it preferable to separate them with spaces instead? For example: No spaces: It's time to take a nap—a long nap. With spaces: It's time to take a nap — a long nap. I've seen both used by good writers — but personally I prefer putting spaces Let's get clear on what an em dash is. An em dash is a straight, horizontal line positioned about halfway between the bottom and top of a lower-case letter. It looks like this: — It's called an em dash because its width is about the same as a lower-case letter em (m) Em dash: One downside to space travel is the extortionate cost—one astronaut's space suit can cost $12 billion. If you want to make a statistic or fact stand out, an em dash can help. In this example, the em dash helps link the two clauses, but the pause creates a greater sense of cause and effect In running text, it is best to use words instead of an en dash (or hyphen in AP style). For example, from 2001 to 2003. Don't mix words with the en dash: from 2001-2003. The em dash is an even longer line. It is used to interrupt a sentence or to emphasize a phrase. There should be no space on either side of it

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Em dash. Em dashes — so called because they are (at least historically) the width of the character m — are used for emphasis or interruption. They can be used on their own or in pairs to offset a word or phrase: Many people seek help from naturopathic medical professionals — those who emphasize using diet, exercise, meditation, and other. An Em Dash (—) is a substitute punctuation mark used instead of parenthesis, commas, or colons.Em dashes are present to put the focus on the text after/between them. They are useful for inserting clarifications and explanations The em dash (—) is a versatile and stylish bit of punctuation. You can use it to add emphasis to your writing, make your text easier to scan, and highlight important phases. The name em dash comes from its size, which is about the same width as a capital 'M'. But the em dash goes by other names too: m dash, long hyphen, long dash—and.

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En dash. The en dash (-) is slightly wider than the hyphen (-) but narrower than the em dash (—). The typical computer keyboard lacks a dedicated key for the en dash, though most word processors provide a means for its insertion. Span or range of numbers. The en dash is used to represent a span or range of numbers, dates, or time Which brings us to the em dash. It's twice as long as the en dash, and is used most often in a sentence to set apart two independent but related ideas. Example: He would make a good spouse—but not for me. How to Enter Hyphens, En Dashes and Em Dashes in HTML and Word. To type a hyphen in html or Microsoft Word, just press the hyphen key Em dashes (also known as m-dashes or em rules) are primarily used to indicate parenthetical information. In this way, they act as more emphatic alternatives to commas and parentheses . While parentheses and commas are used to include parenthetical information more naturally and subtly in a sentence, a dash creates a more forceful break in the. Em dash is an impressively versatile punctuation mark that can take the place of commas, parentheses, or colons, depending on the context. However, despite its flexibility, it can only be used at most twice in a sentence for best use. Otherwise, it will create confusion and complexity. Em dash is longer than the en dash, which is also slightly.

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An em dash is a longer line, roughly the length of an 'm'. An en dash is a shorter line - like this (it is roughly the length of an 'n'). It represents a span of numbers or dates. In many cases it can be used similarly to an em dash if you are writing in UK English. You can produce it by typing a hyphen between a pair of words with a. Note: This tool does much more than replace en and em dashes, making it well worth the investment. Be Efficient. There are many ways to create em dashes and en dashes on your laptop. If your only option is to use the character map (the least efficient option), consider inserting two hyphens for em dashes in your document for now Unfortunately, the em-dash — and the en-dash (-) for that matter — is not popular enough to deserve its own place on the keyboard. Instead, you'll need to use a shortcut. The problem is. › Em Dash. ABOUT. HTML Arrows offers all the html symbol codes you need to simplify your site design. HTML Arrows is shared by Toptal Designers, the marketplace for hiring elite UI, UX, and Visual designers, along with top developer and finance talent

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em dash n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. (punctuation mark: long dash) trattino lungo nm sostantivo maschile: Identifica un essere, un oggetto o un concetto che assume genere maschile: medico, gatto, strumento, assegno, dolore The em dash keyboard shortcut differs depending on if you're using a Mac or PC. On a PC, you can use an Emoji keyboard or type the Alt Code, Alt + 0151. On a Mac, you simply need to use the. u+2014: em dash. ← u+2013 en dash u+2015 horizontal bar → . twee U+2014 EM DASH. U+2014 was added to Unicode in version 1.1 (1993). It belongs to the block General Punctuation in the Basic Multilingual Plane.. This character is a Dash Punctuation and is commonly used, that is, in no specific script.. The glyph is not a composition.It has a Ambiguous East Asian Width. In bidirectional context it acts as Other Neutral and is not mirrored

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Use an em dash (—) to set off a parenthetical phrase with more emphasis than parentheses provide. Don't add spaces around an em dash. Use one em dash on each side of a phrase embedded in a sentence. Example. The information in your spreadsheet—numbers, formulas, and text—is stored in cells. Use one em dash to set off a phrase at the end. The en dash usually emphasizes the materials that follow it. Dashes also emphasize parenthetical thoughts and convey sudden interruptions in thought. Hyphens join many compound nouns, all compound adjectives, and, when they are spelled out, the elements of two-digit numbers and fractions. In word division (hyphenation), a partial word at the. What is an Em Dash? (—) Simply put, an em dash is a dash the width of an em. Right So, what is an em? In printing or character display on a screen, em is a unit of measurement roughly equal to the height of the font being used.If the type-size you're using is 12px, then your em dash will be 12px in length

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The em dash—roughly the width of an upper-case M—is often referred to as the long dash. While the hyphen and en dash have more specific technical purposes, the em dash is quite versatile and the only one that's a true mark of punctuation. It can act as a more pronounced replacement for commas, semicolons, or colons In Unicode, the em dash is U+2014. If you are using em dashes in your content, don't space them. The spaced em dash creates too great a gap in text. This is a typographical concern and interrupts reading flow. An unspaced em dash won't automatically break over a line. This will mean you need to force a line break on either side of the dash Now, add the em dash into the box under With using the Alt-0151 or Shift-Option-Hyphen (on Mac) keyboard shortcuts. Or, you can choose to copy and paste the em dash character here: — Click OK to.